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Many exotic flowers come in a vibrant and lustrous purple color. Let’s glance at some of the most popular purple flowers and their significance in the language of flowers.

Carnations: Purple carnations signify fanciful emotions and are the perfect gift for friends and close family members. Carnations are an exotic beauty, and the purple color fits in just fine for celebrating light-hearted events. 

Daisies: Purple daisies are gifted to express faith and affirmation. These beautiful blooms represent thoughtfulness. If you are looking to send purple flowers to a friend to convey your heartfelt emotions, daisies are the best option. It shows that you trust in them and want to cheer them up thinking about that.

Lilies: Lilies have always been the representation of opulence, and the purple color only adds to its uniqueness and elegance. Purple flowers represent dignity and pride. These rare flowers are considered so precious; there was a time when royal families exclusively used these flowers on special occasions like royal weddings. So if you are looking for some exotic purple flower arrangements for weddings, go for purple lilies to make it a grand affair.

Roses: Purple roses are a trendy choice amongst purple flowers family. These are considered to be the 25th-anniversary flowers. The secret to their lustrous shine is that these flowers are lavender in color, and the purple color is more of a lighting effect. These flowers are gifted to convey the feelings of togetherness and success.

Delphinium: Delphiniums are another majestically beautiful bunch of flowers that symbolize positivity. While these purple beauties look charming and enchanting, they can be poisonous because of their medicinal characteristics. These blooms are perfect for purple flower arrangements at elegant gatherings.

Lavender: Lavenders symbolize peace and calmness. Lavender oils and candles have been used for ages to calm people down. Light purple lavenders are gifted to inspire serenity and peace. A purple flower bouquet made of lilacs is the perfect choice to send to a friend going through a rough patch, struggling with mental chaos, and could use some support.

Hibiscus: Purple hibiscuses are widely famous for their refreshing effects and their mystic aura. You can gift a bunch of purple hibiscus flowers to your mentor or student to inspire them and lift their spirits. Decorators often use hibiscuses in purple flower arrangements at birthdays and anniversary parties.

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