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Welcome to happySTEMS! While our brand name already justifies our business, happySTEMS believes in spreading love and happiness by delivering flowers online from the people to their loved ones. We always knew how flowers signify some of the most beautiful relationships that people share. We wanted to take a step ahead towards helping people do the same. A flower says a lot in itself, and that is precisely what happySTEMS ought to follow forever. We help people express their feelings in the most beautiful way possible; with a flower!

Like red roses, signify love and yellow roses are a perfect souvenir for friendship, each flower that we deliver carries a message from somebody. It's our responsibility to carry that message with care and equal love that the person meant to send. We try our best to keep up with that responsibility inconsiderate of the time or place. Our delivery executive will be quick and careful with your message of love and will deliver it on the same day as your order. That's the reason why we work best for any midnight surprises that you may want to plan for that particular person in your life! No matter where you are, our flowers will make that distance inconsiderate and give value to your connections in the perfect way. After all, "distance simply means separation in place but never in connections. The heart remains inseparable."

Choose the occasion for the perfect flower!

It's understandable if you wish to make everything perfect for that one person on a special occasion. For that reason, we have filtered our list of flowers according to every occasion to make your online flower delivery with us special for the receiver. All your questions for multiple occasions and what to choose while you order flowers online like "what kind?", "What color?" will be answered in the insight below:

  • Birthday

Some birthday flowers represent love, and some represent a new beginning, but every birthday month has a specific flower too. If you're planning to give flowers to your loved ones on their birthday, try giving them within the specific months.

1. January- Carnations, represents pure love

2. February- Violet, represents loyalty

3. March- Daffodil, symbolises new beginnings, and happiness

4. April- Daisy, symbolises beauty, and innocence

5. May- Lily, suggests humility and happiness

6. June- Rose, signifies deep bonds

7. July- Larkspur, stands for an open heart

8. August- Gladiolus, mean strength and integrity

9. September- Aster, symbolises strong love

10. October- Marigold, symbolises undying love

11. November- Chrysanthemum, signifies purity

12. December- Poinsettia, stands for good cheer

  • Anniversary

You must be familiar with the specific gift for every year that you've spent with your partner; this must come as a surprise that specific anniversary flowers signify each passing year as well. If it's your first anniversary, carnation will excellently represent your young and passionate love. You can choose your partner's favorite color from our wide variety of carnations, including pink, white, red, or yellow. For the ones celebrating their 30th anniversary, or giving somebody flowers for the same, lilies might be the best choice. You may also want to get a bouquet with a mixed color of lilies that will represent the sad and happy times that couples have spent together for 25 years.

  • I am sorry

Apologising is a way to show somebody that you care and don't wanna lose them. For such a situation, an I am sorry flower of their choice would be perfect, but if you're unsure about their decision, roses and orchids generally work best. To right your wrongs, nothing's better than the message through a beautiful online flower delivery.

  • Thank You

Sometimes, somebody can touch your life in a way that you seem not to thank them enough. It's time to make that gesture and say a 'thank you' with their favorite thank you flowers. If you're not sure what they like, Lilies, Daisies, and carnations might be an excellent way to say thank you!

  • New Born

To wish somebody who has been granted with a little life, new born flowers will act as a language of love for sure. It is believed that carnations are the best flowers to be kept around babies and they also cheer them up a lot. So, if you have been wondering for a gesture to wish somebody for a newborn, send flowers online with us and ensure safe and timely delivery.

  • Funeral

The wrong flowers at funerals can signify disrespect towards the deceased, and that's something you wouldn't want to happen. Funeral flowers should mean tribute to the deceased person. Chrysanthemums, Roses, and Lilies are the perfect flowers to represent peace, and calmness during the difficult times. Although, you might want to be careful with the colors as well and not choose orange and reds for the funeral as they are the colors of energy and passion.

  • Get well soon

When you wish for the person to get well soon in a hospital or at home, flower delivery online can send the message quite well. The recipient might feel cheerful and happy to have received your get well soon flowers. If he/she is in the hospital, it's always recommended to send the flowers which are not highly fragrant. For such cases, tulips, irises, and gladioli work best. But, when the patient is at home, some bright flowers will spread the energy and will lift his/her spirits. Marigolds are the perfect flowers for that case.

  • Wedding

In a wedding, flowers play an essential role. The groom, bride, or bridesmaids carry different wedding flowers signifying different emotions. As a gift, it's always nice to wish the couple for their happy life ahead with a bouquet of red roses. Red roses are the perfect way to denote love of a happy couple.

  • Miss you

It's time to tell your dear ones how much you love and care for them. Moreover, sometimes it's pretty hard to stay away from the people we love and hence a little gesture for them to show that we miss them is a great thing. Nothing is better than the miss you flowers like roses to explain the emotion that one might want to convey here.

Are you satisfied with the answers enough? If not, we'd love it if you go through the flowers on our website and decide yourself. No matter what you decide, always remember that every flower represents a great thing and different emotions. Even if you've never expressed those emotions before, this might be the perfect occasion for that!

Show them you care with a beautiful flower bouquet delivery.

If you ever wonder what would be that one perfect flower for a relationship with your father, mother, partner, or even a friend, we've got you all covered. We have tried to make everything easy on you so that you can choose peacefully and order flowers for delivery to them. Here, we have got the categories with your girlfriend, boyfriend, mother, father, or anybody else you want to send a flower to. Seems easy? Just choose the perfect bouquet with that meaningful flower and order flowers online for delivery. Rest assured, your flowers will reach in the ideal condition with the best flower delivery service from happySTEMS.

Got a list of your favorite flowers? Find them all at happySTEMS!

If you have got a list of flowers prepared already, we ensure that you'll find all of them with us. We have got a huge variety of flowers with different colors and decorations! You can even choose the size of a bouquet from small, medium, and large according to the occasion or situation. Visit happySTEMS and place an order. Here is a list of flowers and the types of bouquet that you can order with happySTEMS:

  • Roses

Red rose whispers the power of love, white rose speaks for passion, yellow rose cheers everybody up, and pink rose shows empathy towards somebody. Well, no flower can depict love as a rose does and we've got them all bunched up nicely in a bouquet ready to be delivered to your dear ones. You can either choose the single rose type bouquet like velvet fascination and beautiful bush or, you can also choose something like a petal parade with a mixture of all the white, red, yellow, and pink roses. No matter what you choose, every bouquet symbolises your pure emotions and love for the receiver well. To cheer your loved ones with a rose flower online delivery, place an order with us today!

  • Lilies

Been carried forward from the times of ancient mythology, lilies depict the long-lasting love that two people share. It's also known as the 30th wedding anniversary flower. Every type of lily holds a different symbolism and deserves to be sent with that meaning kept in mind. For such lovely lilies flower delivery, happySTEMS will be a great choice. Peruvian lilies symbolise friendship, and stargazer lilies express the emotion of sympathy. Our special lily bouquets like orange bloom or you are a star have a great place in everybody's hearts. Now, you can sit anywhere and send flowers to India with happySTEMS and express your love through these beautiful lily bouquets. Especially the golden times bouquet is a combination of pink roses, and pink Asiatic lilies got up beautifully together.

  • Carnations

Pink carnations are believed to symbolise gratitude towards somebody and the beautiful bouquet 'pretty in pink' justifies that well. With 8 of them in this bouquet, it's a perfect way to show your gratitude to somebody. Or else, the 'tangerine' bouquet might be a good choice to show love or your admiration towards somebody. Pick a bouquet today and contact us for a beautiful carnations flower delivery.

  • Orchids

Orchids represent love, luxury, strength and beauty and are considered to be one of the prettiest flowers. They are the life of any wedding and are even used to enhance the bride's beauty. They're considered lucky for every occasion and their elegance cheers everybody up. You can choose a bouquet among retreat royale or fabled fantasy if you're specifically looking for orchids for your online flower delivery. Otherwise, we have some pretty mixed bouquets with the prettiest combination of roses, or carnations with orchids flower delivery option as well.

Make some gracious combinations and gift them to your loved ones!

Not only flowers but cakes, stuffed toys, or chocolates are also believed to be the perfect gifts to show your love. Now, you can choose among our perfect combinations of all these jumbled up together and send them to your loved ones as an extra treat! Flowers will seem to spread more joy when they are sent with something sweet or cute like a teddy. Add life to someone's birthday party, Valentine's day with your partner, or your wedding anniversary today with these amazing combinations.

Not in India? Not an issue!

If you're not in India yourself and still want to express your love and care for somebody, happySTEMS will take care of your order. We have got the best florist flower delivery throughout India with a quick service. So, whenever you think of sending flowers to somebody, choose happySTEMS for flower delivery in India!

Feel free to call us for any occasions!

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