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Orchid flowers have a certain charm and aura that makes them the perfect choice for various occasions. Orchids are a symbol of elegance; their beauty is unparalleled, and they are simply mesmerizing in their unique ways. Orchids come in multiple forms, and each type of orchid species has its own unique mystique. These blooms are aesthetically remarkable and can bring a smile on any face! For centuries, people around the world have used orchid flowers to express their feelings towards their recipients and loved ones as a symbol of love, affection, gratitude, and faith. Gifting a bouquet of orchid flowers is considered as the most elegant form of expression. Orchids are exotic and genuinely evergreen. So if you are searching for some elegant bouquets made of orchid online, happySTEMS is just the right place for you. You can order orchid online via happySTEMS and get the exotic bouquets delivered at your doorstep with lightning fast delivery. Likewise, you can also send orchid online with a special message to your loved ones through our website.

Some Popular Types of Orchids & Their Significance

  • Phalaenopsis OrchidsThese exotic blooms are widely known as 'moth orchids' and are exceptionally popular among flower lovers worldwide. They have delicate wing shaped leaves that which make it a stunning plant that looks amazingly beautiful when arranged in a bouquet. Phalaenopsis or Moth orchids are an excellent gifting option for people who want to express gratitude, friendly emotions, and care.


  • Cattleya Orchids - Cattleya orchids are one of the most beautiful forms of orchids you can ever find. They are abundantly lustrous & colourful and are an excellent choice for expressing passion and affection. A lovely bouquet of cattleya orchids can light up any room and add a bit of serenity to any place. Cattleya orchids are especially popular among girls and have been known to melt hearts in the first look. If you don't believe us, send orchid online to your bae and see it for yourself.


  • Miltonia Orchids - Miltonias orchids greet you with a certain kind of warmth and soothing fragrance that makes this bloom stand out from the rest. This type of orchid has a spectacular visual, which makes it one of the most popular flowers. While all of the orchids have a scent of their own, the scent of miltonias is the subject of prime focus. This makes them perfect for gifting! You can send orchid flowers to your loved ones on any occasion, but miltonias are special, they signify warmth, composure, and a special kind of emotion. The fragrance of these flowers can lift up the mood of any person within seconds!


  • Vanda Orchids – Vandas are another popular variety of orchids that are used to express deep emotions and passion. These magnificent exotic orchids have a visual appeal like no other flower, and they can truly mesmerize their recipients almost instantaneously. Many people grow vandas in their homes placed outside in a hanging basket. A bouquet made of vanda orchids looks even more magnificent and charming! If you are looking to propose to your special someone, buy a bouquet of vanda orchid online at happySTEMS for him/ her.

Orchids for All Occasions

Orchids come in various shapes and sizes, and each of them has a unique feature and appeal. Orchids are evergreen and can be gifted on any occasion, and for any form of expression. Their colorful blooms compliment any event and personality, and they're simply one of the ideal choices for gifting. You can send orchids online to your loved ones during Valentine's Week if roses seem to be too clichéd. You can surprise your mom on Mother's Day with a lovely orchid bouquet. You can also show your feelings of care and share happy emotions with expectant mothers by gifting them an orchid flowers bouquet. Many people resort to orchids when they visit a person who is recovering from an illness, to express the 'get well soon' gesture. Check out our rich variety of orchid flower arrangements and orchid flowers bouquet gifts for birthdays and special occasions.



happySTEMS’s Exotic Collection

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Exuberant Elation,

New Arrival

10 Purple Orchids


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