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Due to their majestic beauty and the variety in colors, lilies are very popular among people of all ages and genders. Lilies are considered to be one of the best flowers for gifting to your special ones, bound to leave behind a lasting impression because of their eternal beauty. At happySTEMS, we have an exhaustive variety of lilies bouquets and lilies flower arrangements to help you make any occasion unique and truly memorable. You can buy a variety of lilies online from our store, and get them delivered to India at the time and date of your preference.

Different colors of lilies flowers & their significance

White Lilies Flowers – White lilies are presented as a symbol of modesty, purity, peace, and composure. You can give a beautiful bouquet of white lilies to your loved ones to express gratitude, respect, and care. A white lilies flower bouquet can also be presented to people recovering from an illness couple with a ‘get well soon’ greeting card. White lilies are often used in combination with other flowers like roses or orchids to express profoundness and virtue. Check out our fantastic collection of lilies flower arrangements now!

Pink Lilies Flowers – Pink lilies symbolize the feelings and emotions of infatuation and admiration. These serene flowers are an excellent choice for presenting to the people you admire and feel attracted to. The pink color also symbolizes abundance and prosperity, so you can also send lilies to wish someone good luck. happySTEMS has an exotic collection of pink lilies bouquets, check them out now, and express your emotions through a beautiful pink lilies bouquet.

Orange Lilies Flowers – Orange is the color of honor and respect, a beautiful blend of white and red. There aren’t many flowers that come in the orange zest, and thus, orange lilies flowers are a widely popular choice. Send a beautiful bouquet of orange lilies to your teachers, mentors, elderly members in the family, and even peers to express the feelings of pride, gratitude, and confidence. With happySTEMS, you enjoy an unmatched lighting fast lilies flower delivery service. So if you are looking to send lilies online, then you are at just the right place.

Red Lilies Flowers – The color red, as everybody knows, is the color of passion and profound love. Red lilies are no different to this symbolism. The exquisitely serene red flowers convey the message of passionate devotion. Girls especially love lilies, and if you are looking for an alternative to red roses, red lilies, are one of the best choices to show your love towards your special someone. Their fragrance and luster can melt hearts in an instant! Check out some of the most exquisite hand-crafted red lilies bouquets in our collection and order lilies online today! 

Yellow Lilies Flowers – Yellow lilies signify happiness, joy, contentment, and cheer. Gifting a bouquet of yellow flowers is an expression of positivity, beautiful sunshine, remembrance, and happiness. Yellow lilies also symbolize the desire for enjoyment and thankfulness, a notion of acknowledgment and pleasure. You can send a bouquet of yellow lilies flowers to your friends on their special occasions, expecting mothers, family members, and colleagues to congratulate them on their accomplishments. 

For events like Propose Day and Valentine’s Week, bouquets like Autumn Hedgerow, Tranquillity, Angel’s Blush, Boundless Feelings, Lover’s Perfection, Teddy Rose, and Room with a View can be sent out. For Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, bouquets like Mellow Yellow, Brilliance and Beauty, Boundless Feelings, Classic Gift, Ladies Day, Enlightened Enigma, and Runway Gain can be sent out. For events like Birthdays and Weddings, bouquets available are Winter to spring, Warmest Delight, Memory and moments, fresh breath, Runway Gain, Sweet Supernova. To send out messages on Get well soon and Missing you, you can order online bouquets like Warmest Delight, Sweetest Tranquillity, Sunshine, Angel’s Blush, and Enlightened Enigma. To convey feelings of Gratitude, Thank Yous and Welcome, send out bouquets like Warmest Delight, Sunshine, Enlightened Enigma, Classic Gift, and Boundless Feelings. To say congratulations, say it easier and frankly with bouquets like Orange Bloom, Memory and Moments, Tranquillity, Mellow Yellow, and Autumn Hedgerow from

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At happySTEMS, take pride in working diligently towards spreading happiness and joy through our handcrafted flower arrangements and exotic varieties of lilies flower bouquets. We strive to offer nothing but the most beautiful blooms, handpicked by our flower experts who choose only the freshest and most fragrant flowers for you all the time. Our services are available across all cities and towns in India, and we have successfully established partnerships with some of the best delivery service providers in the country. This helps us in achieving swift deliveries at any location within the state. We are the flower experts, and you can bank on us anytime, and every time you want to buy flowers online. We enjoy some great reviews and recommendations from our customers and would be happy to have you as part of our family!

Value-Added Services by happySTEMS

At happySTEMS, we don’t just provide fresh flowers to our customers; we also take pride in making them a member of the happySTEMS family. We offer a variety of value-added services to our family members, like sending out reminders on their anniversaries, birthdays, and special occasions. Once you have registered with us, you can instruct our team to remember key dates and opportunities related to you and your loved ones. We shall come up with timely suggestions to help you make these events memorable and richly beautiful. We also provide custom made flower arrangements coupled with other goodies like freshly baked delicious cakes, cookie baskets, stuffed toys, and a lot more, as per your instructions. To make sure your special occasions never go dull, happySTEMS also sends out suggestions keeping your tastes & preferences in mind, so that you don’t have to worry about anything. Just enjoy your day and leave the rest to us!

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