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Howrah is an important transportation hub of West Bengal and a major gateway for its twin city of Kolkata. Howrah has the iconic Howrah Bridge. Howrah has wholesale markets selling everything from a Needle to Electronics. The Railway Station at Howrah is one of the largest in India.

Flower shop in Howrah

Howrah already boasts of wholesale flower markets. Variety of Flowers are sold here Daisies, Dahlias, Marigold, Hibiscus, Lotus, Lilies, Tulips and off course the most famous Flower Roses. In these Wholesale markets, Flowers are sold in bulk as whole or in Petals. One has to buy in bulk of several kilos of Flowers to be able to trade with the wholesalers. We want to make the life of the locals easier by offering online flower delivery service to the doorstep. Happystems.com is a flower delivery service that has started its operations in the heartland of Kolkata, the ancient city of Howrah. Gifting Flowers have been passed on as a heritage from the British Raj. The history of the city of Howrah dates back over 500 years, but the district is situated in an area historically occupied by the ancient Bengali kingdom of Bhurshut.

Florist in Howrah

An important event to attend, thinking of what to gift to a family member or friend? Flowers are the best gifts for all occasions and seasons. Feeling romantic? Gift a Rose. Accompany that pot of fresh Rossogollas with an equally fresh dose of Daffodils. Tulips can uplift the class of any mundane flower vase in your tastefully done drawing-room. Celebrate Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Children’s Day, Environment Day, Birthdays, Namedays, Weddings, Promotion day, Anniversaries with the perfect choice of flowers and gifts from the wide selection from the Happystems.com website. We aspire to become Howrah’s esteemed Online Florists. Take the hassle out haggling and hunting for the Freshest Flowers and the Gifts from your life. Just log on to our website at your own sweet time and choose to send flowers to your friends and family situated in any part of Howrah or Kolkata or Bengal or even the country. Happystems.com operates in 230+ cities and towns across India.

Online Flower delivery in Howrah

Like the famous Sweets of Bengal, Flowers look sweet and spread their alluring fragrance everywhere. Happystems.com offers highly competitive prices for its fresh blooms sourced from the best organic farms from across the country. Next time you plan to take sweets to someone, make the gesture more profound by adding a bunch of fresh flowers with it and let us ensure you the sweet smile on your loved people. Flowers have been timeless. They were spreading smiles in the old days and they are doing the same now. Their charm remains unchanged.

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