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As a part of tradition, Indian Hindu rituals believe in the concept of purity or sattvic. Thus, every religious practice includes a sweet in one form or another, these sweets are considered as prasad. This prasad is obliged to be pure, fresh and untasted. There is a belief of first offering prasad to the Gods and then to everyone. This sweet or Mithai is basically a symbol of happiness. These sweet treats can even be bought to add an extra touch of sweetness to all the festive celebrations. You can even order sweets online for yourself just to satiate your cravings. These can even be sent to your loved ones.

Avail scrumptious sweets online delivery

In India sweets are not just a dessert but it is a must have in almost all the celebrations. Be it celebrations, traditional practices, festivals or achievements. That is, you can order sweets online for every delighted occasion you can think of. For celebrations like inaugurations, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, farewells, new year, or traditional ceremonies. Choose online sweet delivery on festivals like Diwali, Eid, Gurupurab, Christmas, Vaisakhi, Lohri, Dussehra, Holi, Raksha Bandhan, and many more. Several achievements like promotions, securing good marks, qualifying a competitive exam, et cetera can also be celebrated with sweets. You can conveniently choose a hassle-free online sweet delivery in India via happySTEMS. Send sweets online delivery to your loved ones on any of the above-mentioned occasions. This unexpected sweet delivery will bring a wide smile on their face.

As we all know that the festival of lights- Diwali is around the corner. On this festival people generally exchange gifts with an attempt to spread gratitude and happiness. Thus, you can send sweets online to your loved ones on this festival because these sweets will denote the virtue of sweetness in our thoughts and deeds. This savoury treat will be cherished by the recipient as festival without sweets is no joy.

Conveniently Order Sweets Online Free Delivery

If you cannot manage to go home on any festival, then you can send your love disguised as sweets. Obviously, this sweets delivery online can never be a substitute for your presence but it can definitely make your presence felt. You can choose happySTEMS to order sweets online as this online portal provides a huge assortment of sweets. In order to initiate the order placing process. You will have to login to the happySTEMS website. Select your desired sweet order online. Then enter the required details like the recipient’s address, date and time of delivery. Followed by completing the payment procedure from available secured options. Then your order of your desired sweet order online will be delivered at your mentioned address, at your mentioned time.

If you forgot to pre order sweets online for any festivity or celebration. Then you can order same day cake delivery, for this dessert can deliver a touch of sweetness on the behave of traditional Indian sweets. You can even add Same Day Flower Delivery to your order for your loved ones on the occasion where love, bonding and unity are celebrated.

This Bhai Dooj send sweets online

Every Bhai Dooj celebration starts with the process of preparing Bhai Dooj Thali for brothers. This is then followed by a really special Tikka ceremony. The celebration of Bhai Dooj is then spiced up with exciting Bhai Dooj gifts and multiple mouth-watering sweets. These gifts are not just given to sister but sister also put in a similar effort to buy a thoughtful and interesting gift her loving brother. There are a lot of Bhai Dooj Gift Online that you can choose from. These can be Bhai Dooj sweets online, Bhai Dooj Chocolate Gifts, and dry fruits combo and several other combos available online. All these combo categories have availability of several other Raksha Bandhan combos, that can be selected based on your brother’s preference or liking. Send a Bhai Dooj combo online to your brother, you can even send sweets online for your loving brother who is mile apart but very close to your heart.

Sweets Order Online from happySTEMS

You can get fresh and scrumptious sweet delivered at the doorstep by selecting sweets online delivery. All you have to care about is choose a reputed online portal for the same. These delights will definitely set the aura of celebration with its delicate fragrance and appealing presence.

Just a few clicks are all it takes to order sweets online with free delivery. As festivals are the celebration of the sweetest bond, so all celebrations are monotonous without delicious sweets. Thus, you can order sweet delivery in India from happySTEMS. As it has an assorted collection of sweets that may include Besan laddu, Chocolates, Spongy Rasgullas, Milk Cake, et cetera. There are several other sweets that are associated with specific occasions. Some of these are gujias for Holi, kaju katlis for Diwali, Gulab Jamun for Bhai Dooj, jalebi for Dussehra, et cetera. These sweet delights are capable enough to spread its sweetness on every occasion. Send sweets online to your friends and relatives either according to the festival or the sweet that they prefer.

Online sweets delivery in India

If you want to send more item with sweets online to your loved ones. Then you can add any of these items. Like you can buy cakes online, flowers, plant, teddy bears, handmade chocolate, and several other items. You can even select from the already available combos from the website. These combos may include cake and flowers, or Flowers & Sweets, or sweet & plant, and chocolates, etc. Your sweet online delivery will surely astound your loved ones, and they will never forget your loving and concerned gesture. Online shopping for these gifts is the best because these portals have a huge variety to choose from. You can even add a note to your online sweet delivery in India. Wherein you can express your love and well-wishes for the recipient

You can always plan surprises and send sweets online to add sweetness in the lives of your friends and family members. Put in all the necessary efforts to bring a huge smile of delight and satisfaction on your loved ones’ face.

1.       Besan Laddu Box

This is the box of heaven on earth. For Besan ladoos are one of the most popular sweets in India, these sweet treats melt down in the mouth with every bite you take. Order this box of happiness for all your loved ones and cherish the goodness of Besan soaked in Ghee.

2.       Kaju Katori Box

Every occasion can be filled with the delightful Kaju Katori Box. These are luxury sweets that have the goodness of Cashews for the covering and are filled with finely chopped flavoured dry fruits. A box of Kaju Katori can easily be sent to people you love and adore.

3.       Festive Kaju Kesar Rolls

Kaju Kesar Rolls are one of the most popular sweets that are scrumptious enough to brighten up any occasion. This is the finest sweet that is filled with the goodness of dry fruits.

4.       Sweet Cham Cham

These sweet and spongy treats are a total game changer in all the celebrations. For these can easily satiate the sweet-tooth of almost all the people. Order these for yourself and your loved ones to relish every event to the fullest.

5.       Gur Kaju Roll Box

Occasions occurring in winters are monotonous without a Gur Kaju Roll Box. These are the healthy sweet options. You can easily stock this up or send this crunch yet delicious dessert to your loved ones.

6.       Perfect happiness

The perfect gift doesn’t exist, but the perfect happiness relies on the gift that is very close to perfection. For this particular gift include a box of dry Petha and Cadbury celebrations chocolate box. This box includes gifts for both elders as well as children.

7.       Assorted Mewa Bites

Mewa Bite is an exceptional dessert that is enriched with the lip-smacking combination of Mawa and finely chopped dry fruits. This particular assortment includes three to four different flavoured Mewa bites. Order these to make any celebration sweeter.

8.       Delight Kaju Kalash

Kaju Kalash is one of the most loved desserts. For this dessert is the perfect amalgamation of creamy cashew layering along with crushed dry fruit filling. This dessert is further made beautiful by adding a thin silver lining to the top.

9.       Atta Ladoo Box

As desserts are a must have in almost all the Indian celebrations, and atta ladoo will be one of the healthiest desserts to order. This atta Ladoo box is sufficient to bring people together. Because these will make you travel down the memory lane, for every bite of this ladoo will make you recall your mother’s ladoo.

10.   Delicious Doda Burfi

This is one of the most loved gluten free sweets that is craved by people for its savouring flavour. Get this sweet treat packet for your loved ones to deliver your love and blessings in disguise as delicious Doda Burfi.

11.   Khajur Roll Delight

The essence of every good increases manifold when shared with your loved ones. Similarly, these premium Khajur Roll Delights should be shared with your friends to relish every single bite of this sweet savouring.

12.   Kaju Katli Delight

Any occasion can easily be filled with the delight of this premium silver quoted sweet. These barfies are filled with the goodness of cashews, which adds to the extra smoothness of these sweet treats. Send Kaju Katli Delights to people you love and adore.

13.   Aromatic Pista Burfi

Mesmerize your loved ones with this creamy yet delicious sweet. This is not any usual burfi for it is filled with the soothing aroma and delectable taste. These burfis are filled with the goodness of Pista that can be relished on almost all the occasions.

14.   Flavoursome Rasgullas For every occasion

Rasgullas have always been the aesthetic dessert that is craved by almost everybody. You do not have to wait for any particular occasion to order this dessert, for these spongy balls can be relished on any random day. This sweet is the perfect answer for any sweet related dilemma.

15.   Scrumptious Soan Papdi

This crunchy and flaky textured sweet is one of the most popular sweets that is closely associated with the festival of lights. These sweet treats can even be consumed on any random day because of its perfect amalgamation of taste and crunch.

16.   Soan Papdi and Almonds combo

Perfect family combo is the one that could easily cater to the taste buds of both the youngsters as well as elders. This combo has qualified the requirement for it includes sweet yet crunchy Soan Papdi and healthy crunch- almonds. Order this sweet yet healthy combo for all your loved ones.

17.   Ghewar with love

Ghewar is the sweet with perfect amalgamation of crunch and sweetened malai. This sweet is best relished in the Sawan month of Hindi calendar. Send this scrumptious sweet to your loved ones and spread happiness.

18.   Scrumptious Kaju Roll

This sweet is perfect to relish the goodness of perfectly blended Cashew paste that is rolled around the sweetened dry fruits. Order this sweet for your loved ones to add a dash of sweetness to every occasion that is worth celebrating.

19.   Heavenly Gulab Jamun Box

Gulab Jamuns are the delicious balls of happiness. These soft round balls of satisfaction melts down in the mouth with every bite you take. This particular dessert feels like festivity inside the mouth. Order these sweet balls to add extra delight on every occasion.

20.   Chocolate burfi Delight

Chocolate burfi has a separate fan base, for this is the best-selling sweet. The immense popularity of this dessert is because of its key ingredient. Order this chocolaty burfi for your loved ones with a sweet tooth.

21.   Milkalicious Cake

Milk cake is the sweet that symbolises perfection. Though this sweet looks very simple , it melts down in the mouth with every bite, spreading a unique yet satiating flavour. Order this milkalicious cake to add savouring flavour in all the celebrations.

22.   Special Gond Laddu

This unique as well as delicious dessert is the perfect treat to send to your loved ones in the moment of joy. These laddus along with having a unique taste has the goodness of dry fruits. Order these to make celebrations livelier.