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Cake Delivery in Chennai with happySTEMS

Chennai (Madras) is the capital of Tamil Nadu. Being the sixth most popular city in India, there are very cultural festivals celebrated. Due to the traditional and de facto gateway of Chennai, it is among the most visited cities in India. A lot of tourists mean a variety of food. Southern India has its own catering when it comes to eatables. No matter what you're having your starters and main course meal, you can't call it a complete dinner until there isn't a desert with it. Cakes are rated as one of the most favorite desserts in the southern part of India. We happySTEMS deliver the cake in Chennai, which is delicious and will make your taste buds explode. Be it any birthday party celebration, any anniversary, or any huge event, we got your back.

Midnight Cake Delivery in Chennai

In 2014, we (happySTEMS) started off our journey to bring joyful smiles to people's faces. While everyone was busy with their troublesome yet overloaded life, they had less to no time for themselves. We wanted to make it better and give people some time for themselves, the time when they can just out and breathe the air of calmness. Being such a giant hotspot of tourism, people in Chennai are very considerate and work on making things better. When everything sums up, we notice how much they are missing in life.

happySTEMS goal is to bring that long-lost peace, which also included bringing that unforgettable to your taste buds that won't let us slip through your mind and give your body the peace it needs. While there are many ways to enjoy a cake, alone or with someone? It's always a choice. When having just cake was not enough, we presented specially customized cakes to better people. While you can enjoy a cake anytime, what about those who don't have the time or are not doing good? Don't worry about it, not only do we deliver cakes but also boxes of happiness. Keeping in mind the celebration and the population of Chennai in mind, we also do midnight cake delivery in Chennai and in the surrounding region like Bangalore.

Why should you order our cakes in Chennai?

Nowadays, people have suddenness in their life, and they want things to get them. With our extensive supply chain and the power of the online world, we have delivered the power in your hands to make someone's day in your family or even get the order to your own selves.

Customizing your cakes doesn't mean adding your photo or choosing the flavor separately. You can also add some fresh flowers. They won't be just any ordinary flowers. We only add fresh flowers that you will select and prepare exactly the way you want them to be. You can also use a greeting card to make it more personal.

One of the benefits of the online delivery of cakes in Chennai, people don't have to go out and look out for cake. They can just get it online and enjoy it wherever they like. Also, no one would like to work while eating a delicious cake, the whole time they'll be eating their cake will also give them a break from the hectic life. As a famous guy once said, "You can be stressed while ordering food, after eating the food but you can never be stressed or sad while eating your food" that moment is what we ensure everybody should have in their daily life.

Not just because of promised on-time deliveries, but also deliveries that contribute in making those moments in your life happier. happySTEMS offer a wide variety of cake and make sure to deliver that ordered special cake on the same day it's ordered.

How to order cake online in Chennai?

In the present crisis, everybody is facing problems of their own, like losing a job, their loved ones, and stress from almost everywhere. Doing even a little can actually make up their day, and now there's no time better than now to do something for your loved ones. Cakes can act as a good gesture, and if you can't be with them, you can always do something about it. happySTEMS can deliver your personally customized cakes while ordering cakes online won't be enough for your family, we also have customized, and greeting presets for you. You can just surprise your loved ones by choosing presets according to your choice itself.

Something special from our shop, which is personalized especially for them, can actually make their day. While going out and getting them something like this is very dangerous, we have opened online stores. As you can't come to our cakes, it doesn't mean the cake cannot simultaneously, things are going rough for almost everybody, a unique, delicious cake will come to you either. With our premium finish website, we have made it easier to order cakes online in Chennai as well as surrounding areas. You might be thinking about "How? Will it be a good choice? And much more similar questions; we have kept every single detail in mind and designed our website like that only.

Same day cake delivery in chennai

Cakes are the scrumptious delights that are believed to be an integral part of almost all the celebrations or events. They come in varied flavours to cater to the taste of almost everybody. happySTEMS is an online bakery that offers a plethora of cake flavours. These flavours may include basic vanilla, butterscotch, Belgian Choco cake, Oreo cake, chocolate truffle, fresh fruit cake et cetera. Cakes are a must have even in unannounced occasions. These occasions can be promotions, a friend got engaged, selection in your dream firm, and several others. happySTEMS caters to this demand as it facilitates same day cake delivery in Chennai and several other cities PAN India. under this mode of delivery your order will be delivered to the mentioned address in the shortest possible time.

As you're done with selecting the cake and personalizing it all left it, adding it to the cart, and completing the rest of the process. All you have to do is fill out the postal address, time (any particular), and your preferred payment option. Considering the present situation, we have switched to safe contactless delivery for the safety of you and your family.

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Deepti from Chennai

Pretty in Pink

“Good customer service”

Shweta from Chennai

Enchanted Love

“Product quality very good. Appreciate the timely delivery as well”

Manu from Chennai

Classic Gift

“Happy and satisfied with your services !”

Radhika from Chennai

Hearty Bloom

“Very beautiful arrangement..thanks a ton”

Niharika from Chennai

Sweet Supernova

“Thank you Best Ever”

Sakshi from Chennai

Alluring Beauty


Riya from Chennai

Joyful Delight

“good combos options”

Heena from Chennai

Kaju Katli love for Diwali

“No problem no complaints.Everybody liked the hamper”

Kritharth from Chennai

Best Diwali Surprise

“Good Diwali hamper collection..”

Raghav from Chennai

Good Luck Three Layer Lucky Bamboo Plant

“All steps from ordering to delivery were smooth. Highly recommended”

Vikash from Chennai

Red Hot Bouquet

“Excellent experience....pure professional approach from happySTEMS Love to repeat ....Thank you happySTEMS”

deepti from chennai

Charming Love Combo

“Good customer service”

deepti from chennai

Charming Love Combo

“Good customer service”

deepti from chennai

Charming Love Combo

“Good customer service”

deepti from chennai

Charming Love Combo

“Good customer service”

deepti from chennai

Charming Love Combo

“Good customer service”

deepti from chennai

Charming Love Combo

“Good customer service”

deepti from chennai

Charming Love Combo

“Good customer service”

gaurav from chennai

Pineapple Cake

“Great Service and Very easy to Order”

Lavesh from Chennai

Love You Butterscotch Cake

“It was a very good experience. Keep doing whatever you are doing"”

Param from Chennai

Heart Shaped Vanilla Fruit Cake

“"Ordered this cake for my Bhua birthday. And she was super happy with the cake. Thank you happySTEMS for once again providing your best service."”

Yudhister from Chennai

Heart Shaped Pineapple Cake

“very prompt delivery, tho weather conditions were bad, happySTEMS still managed to deliver! Kudos”

Rajnath from Chennai

Marble Queen

“I really appreciate the product quality and the delivery process. Thank you happySTEMS! Keep it up”

Maithili from Chennai

Marble Queen

“I love this site. They have lot of varieties and i like the plants they have. They re incredible.”

PAWAN SEWANI from Chennai

Zamia ZZ plant in yellow pot

“We appreciate ur timely delivery with quality of delivery.Thanks a lot.”

Rohit from Chennai

Exclusive base lamp

“An amazing décor to add to you side table. Was a good purchase.”

Radha Krishnan from Chennai

3D hologram lamp

“The product is amazing, gifted it to my sister and she loved it. Thanks HappyStems team!!! The quality of the product if really good.”

Anaisha from Chennai

Rakhi Mini Box

“I always wanted a product like this and happyStems made if possible for me”

Ubika from Chennai

Chocolate loaded Rakhi Gift Hamper

“The options are great and so is the range of prices. They are very prompt and efficient in their responses and services. Love their reminders before occasions. Been a great experience so far!”