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Bangalore (Bengaluru) is the capital and also the largest city in Karnataka. With a wholesome population of 11 million approximately, it also leads to hundreds of events across the region. With so many events happening around, there's also a need for different eatables. A party without dessert is like a song without vocals; that's where happySTEMS steps in. We deliver the cake in Bengaluru (Bangalore), which will make your tongue buds explode with flavors of deliciousness. Be it just a birthday party, an anniversary, a celebration, or any huge event, we got you covered.

Why order our cake Online in Bengaluru (Bangalore)?

Bangalore is the hub of technology in India, but it is also known as the "Pub city of India''. Obviously, you won't eat a cake in a pub; instead, it indicates how big a hotspot Bangalore is in the present scenario. In 2011, Lonely Planet (a city in Bangalore) was counted as the top ten global hotspots for concerts. With the increasing amount of events and workload lately, everybody needs some relaxation time for themselves.

We happySTEMS aims to bring joy to people, including bringing that unforgettable taste to your taste buds that won't let us slip through your mind and give your body the peace it needs. While you can enjoy a cake anytime, what about those who don't have the time or are not doing good? Don't worry about it, not only do we deliver cakes, but we also deliver specially customized cakes. Keeping in mind the celebration and the population of Bangalore in mind, we also do midnight cake delivery in Bengaluru and in the surrounding region like Chennai.

There's one more good thing about happySTEMS, we can also add flowers to your cake order. Not just ordinary flowers it will be, it will be a box of happiness filled with happiness. It will portray precisely what you want the other person to feel, and for that, you can always add a greeting card to it.

Online Cake Delivery in Bengaluru

After being established in 2014, we strived to bring back glorious smiles onto your faces. We started with the mission of delivering happiness. After seeing how hectic everybody's life has gotten, we envisioned bringing people closer and giving them the personal space, they're missing.

One of the benefits of the online delivery of cakes in Bengaluru, people don't have to go out and look out for cake. They can order it online and enjoy it wherever they like. Also, no one would like to work while eating a delicious cake. The whole time they'll be eating their cake will also give them a break from the hectic life. A guy once said, "You can be stressed while ordering food, after eating the food, but you can never be stressed or sad while eating" that moment is what we ensure everybody should have in their daily life.

Apart from everything, what else can be better than delivering personalized cakes and flowers delivery online to their doorstep? Yes, we also deliver feelings, not just boxes of delicious cake. We present you with our specially customized presets designed, especially for those who want to show their consideration and emotions towards their family or even themselves. We promise on-time cake delivery in bengaluru or any place around. It is easy to say but really hard to make someone's day when a small thing like a cake can do that; isn't that beautiful? Yes, it is indeed.

We promise on-time delivery of your cake, it's important to make sure that the people are getting their order on the same respective day they ordered. It's important to not just cake delivery on time but deliver moments of happiness as well. We happySTEMS aims for those happy moments in your life as well.

Same day Cake delivery in Bengaluru/Bangalore

Celebrations may come unannounced; you may not get sufficient time to make all the necessary arrangements or to buy the gifts for the host who invited you at the last minute for a party. You need not worry, for you may always rely on same day delivery by happySTEMS. This initiative caters to the last minute gift deliveries. This includes same day delivery of a large variety of cakes and flowers. These cakes are freshly baked by putting to use optimum quality of ingredients.

We guarantee you that you may get same day delivery of these gifts applicable for all the occasions, be it housewarming party, promotion party, you forget your mother’s birthday or your reunion. You may send these gift items to any location PAN India. You may even order your favourite flavour of cake by selecting same day cake delivery in Bengaluru (Bangalore), to be delivered at your address just to satisfy your cravings.

happySTEMS is available 24X7 to cater to your needs.

How to order cake online in Bengaluru

As everyone seems to be isolated due to the severe effect of corona and the anxiety is at the peak, there can't be a better time than today to buy those delicious cakes for you and your family and make them happier. With our extensive supply chain and the power of the online world, we've given the power in your hands to make someone's day in your family. While ordering çakes won't be enough for your family, we also provide customized, and greeting presets to surprise your loved ones by customizing them according to your choice. Simultaneously, things are going rough for almost everybody; a unique, delicious cake with something special from our shop which is personalized especially for them can actually make their day.

When it's almost impossible to leave your house, going out to buy a cake won't be a good choice. If you can't come to our cakes, it doesn't mean the cake can't come to you. With our premium finish website, we have made it easier for you to order cake online in Bengaluru (Bangalore) as well as surrounding areas. You might be thinking about "How will you select your cake online only?"; we have also kept that in mind, we provide different cakes for different occasions, which are also categorized separately.

All left is to add it to your card, fill in the postal address and choose your preferred payment option as well. We also offer fast delivery and the choice of cash on delivery, but due to safety reasons, we have shifted to contactless delivery. We have excellent customer care service that will send you the invoice within a few minutes and give you details about your order.

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Belgian Choco Cake

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