Five Best Flowers for First Anniversary

Anniversaries are days to remember a few happy or unforgettable moments that had come once in your life. People around the world celebrate anniversaries for Weddings, death and birthdays, however, marriage anniversary seems to be the most beautiful and the most celebrated one amongst these. Here are five ravishing flowers to gift your other half on your first wedding anniversary.


Tulips are one of the most romantic flowers and are perfect for the happy-go-lucky type of person. They come in various colours, including red, yellow, purple, white, and pink. Tulips, which is a bulb plant, represents that spring has arrived. It blooms for just 3-7 days. The red tulip represents “love” and are the best as anniversary flowers.


It is usually seen in a light violet shade, which represents the first stages of love and would make the perfect first wedding anniversary flower. It would be an excellent choice for a new relationship with a person and would make them glow on their first anniversary. Some lavender scented perfume and anniversary cards in shades of violet with a bunch of lilac flowers would make their day even better and lighter. Lilacs are definitely the perfect anniversary flowers for her.

A stronger variety of lilac includes one in a bright magenta colour available to symbolize a stronger type of passion and love.

Red Roses

They are by far considered the most romantic, compassionate and seductive of all the flowers. While roses come in many colours, the dark red rose is the symbol of everlasting love. It represents deep and true love with a partner. While Valentine’s Day is when the greatest amount of red roses are purchased for a loved one, they are also a seen as flowers for anniversary of marriage to remind your partner of the day you both met each other and the later moments which led to your marriage. Give a bouquet with a message of love and passion to your partner and say “Happy Anniversary to the most loving wife”.


Orchids are more elegant and exotic than other flowers. While its blooms may fade easily, the plant has a resting period after which it can re-bloom with proper care and attention. They are one of the most beautiful anniversary bouquet.

Since the 1800’s, orchids have been known to represent luxury. There are several varieties and colours to choose from. Orchids stand for luck, hope, and love. The orchid is ideal to be gifted to your wife or husband on your first wedding anniversary.

Pastel Carnation

The pastel carnation is a gift for the more subdued, silent and introverted person, if your partner is one. While white carnations represent pure love, pink pastel carnations stand for admiration.

Carnations are the flowers for the month of January. So, they are very appropriate for a birthday gift or an anniversary gift in the month of January. It can be used to convey the message “You are the best and one in a million”. Other varieties of carnation include the ones in yellow, purple, green and scarlet. A bouquet of carnations with all these colours will brighten the day and make it more vibrant.

Make your day an unforgettable and amazing one with your partner with these beautiful anniversary flowers to add a tint of colour and fragrance to the air on this romantic day. Instead of spending the day out at some fancy restaurant or gifting them a luxurious perfume, stay in with some fairy lights and delicate flowers to add a touch of lightness to the day. With some red roses and orchids here and there, your loved one is going to feel special and blessed to have you in their life.

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