Birthday Flowers and Their Significance

Flowers are something we all adore regardless of our age groups. They do not just add a tint of aesthetic beauty to the nature, but also talk to us in different depths of values. Birthdays, of all occasions, are the best times to gift flowers to loved ones. And how amazing would it be if you gifted the flowers which are the most auspicious for the birthday month? Well, here is a guide to what birthday flowers to choose for each month and what they signify:

January - 

Carnation would be the ideal birthday flower for a January-baby. It signifies love, fascination and can show that he or she is distinct in their actions. It is worn on Mother's day and Teacher's day as well and can symbolise a mother's love and affection.

February - 

Gift a friend a happy birthday flower bouquet of Champa if they were born in the month of February. It stands for intense love, and strength to withstand any challenge. It conveys the message of immortality and that your love will be never ending.

March - 

Buy birthday flowers online for your friend born in March. Lotus would be the best flower to be gifted this month. Lotus stands for enlightenment and purity and it shows that the person you are gifting to is a fighter. It is synonymous with spring since it is the epitome of rebirth and new beginnings.

April - 

Orchids can be gifted to people who celebrate their birthdays in April. It symbolises love, luxury and beauty. It conveys that your friend has a strong character.

May - 

Order birthday flowers online for your friend born in the month of May and surprise him or her with a bouquet of Lily of the Valley. It shows love and appreciation. The meaning of the flower varies depending on the colour from love and passion to even beauty and perfection.

June - 

Rose, said to be the most beautiful flower, is perfect for people who were born in June. It stands for humility, chastity and sweetness. The sweet scent of the flower signifies a return to happiness.

July -  

Gift the July babies a bouquet of Magnolia flowers. It shows lightness and natural beauty. Love towards nature is represented by these flowers. Order birthday flowers online today to show them how naturally beautiful they are.

August - 

Buy your friends a bunch of Rajanigandha flowers to show them how sensual they are. Even though these flowers stand for dangerous pleasures, they also show seduction.

September - 

Nargis can be presented as a birthday flower in the month of September. It stands for deep emotions like love, passion and affection. It also shows perfection and excellence.

October -  

Order online bouquet of hibiscus flowers. They stand for perfect woman or wife, even though they can be gifted to a person of any sex. They also exemplify elegance and devotion.

November - 

Chrysanthemum flowers and Musk Rose can be gifted in the month of November. They signify compassion, friendship and joy. While red Chrysanthemum stands for love, white stands for innocence and the yellow ones stand for unrequited love. Musk rose stands for joy and warmth as well as welcoming.

December -

Gift your December-born friends a bunch of Jasmine flowers which stand for love and romance. It shows lightness and innocence.

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