Heart Shaped Florals

Love is the most underrated thing in this planet and as Shakespeare aptly puts it: it’s better Mohave loved and lost,than have never loved at all. Make your loved ones feel loved with this collection of heart shaped florals as a gift at any happy occasion. Couple this with other gifting option with just a click and we will assure that your love reaches your loved ones on time and safely.

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Scented Love

“Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead.”&nbs..

₹3,499.00 Ex Tax: ₹3,499.00


“A Tennyson garden, heavy with scent, languid; the return of the word swoon.” ― Margaret..

₹1,349.00 Ex Tax: ₹1,349.00

Tempting Treat

"There is nothing more difficult for a truly creative painter than to paint a rose, because before ..

₹5,999.00 Ex Tax: ₹5,999.00

Timeless Truism

“Which is loveliest in a rose? Its coy beauty when it's budding, or its splendor when it blows?”&nb..

₹1,999.00 Ex Tax: ₹1,999.00

With Love Your Teddy

“And so we are like flowers; and bloom only, when the sun, kisses us.” ― Kristian Goldmu..

₹1,399.00 Ex Tax: ₹1,399.00

With Love, From Rose

“I had a dream that Zac Efron showed up at my door shirtless with a bouquet of flowers..yep, I’m s..

₹1,299.00 Ex Tax: ₹1,299.00