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A lost moment is a like a lost drop of water at sea. Now with happySTEMS in the picture, never lose that drop by choosing your flowers and gifts from us. Send flowers to Alwar with our specially handpicked, fresh and sealed with love flowers and other collectibles. We also have numerous options from bouquets to other combos for all festivities and occasions.

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May Flowers

“True love is like little roses, sweet, fragrant in small doses.”  - Ana Claudia Ant..

₹1,199.00 Ex Tax: ₹1,199.00

Memory and Moments

“Flowers, after love, must have been the best advert planet Earth had going for it.”  - Matt ..

₹1,299.00 Ex Tax: ₹1,299.00

Midsummer Night’s Dream

“In a rich moonlit garden, flowers open beneath the eyes of entire nations terrified to acknowledg..

₹1,399.00 Ex Tax: ₹1,399.00

Mishti Surprise

“Animals fight wars; flowers practice peace.” ― James Edwin Gunn, Transcendental ..

₹1,199.00 Ex Tax: ₹1,199.00

Orange Boom

“You wanted hearts and flowers. You have my heart - & here are the flowers.” ― Christ..

₹1,499.00 Ex Tax: ₹1,499.00

Passionate Dreams

“Look at the flowers-for no reason. It is simply unbelievable how happy flowers are.”  - Osho ..

₹949.00 Ex Tax: ₹949.00


“I can't recall the sound of your voice Still, I bring flowers and meet the sky ask it to hold me..

₹699.00 Ex Tax: ₹699.00

Pink Admiration

“Growing one's own choice words and fancies, In orange tubs, and beds of pansies; One's sighs and pa..

₹999.00 Ex Tax: ₹999.00

Pretty Choice

Sometimes the only flower that can truly symbolize your sincere feelings is the rose. Sending roses ..

₹899.00 Ex Tax: ₹899.00

Pretty in Pink

“Let us dance in the sun, wearing wild flowers in our hair...” ― Susan Polis SchutzBuy an..

₹759.00 Ex Tax: ₹759.00

Pretty Passion

“Every flower displays its beautiful colours in autumn.” ― Lailah Gifty Akita, Think ..

₹1,199.00 Ex Tax: ₹1,199.00

Simplicity and Elegance

"When bright flowers bloom Parchment crumbles, my words fade The pen has dropped ..."  - ..

₹1,199.00 Ex Tax: ₹1,199.00

Snow White

“How right it is to love flowers and the greenery of pines and ivy and hawthorn hedges; they have be..

₹1,549.00 Ex Tax: ₹1,549.00

Splendid Surprise

“There are two types of women. The ones who wait to receive flowers and the ones who go out and pick..

₹1,349.00 Ex Tax: ₹1,349.00